XRegExp: "Unmatched ')'" Yet everything appears to be balanced

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I've written the following line of code:

    XRegExp('<!-- @\[(?<component>[\w+])[\(*(?<classes>[\w+])*\)]*\] -->', 'g'))

As you can see it is using the XRegExp library so I can use named groups other PCRE features.

I'm getting the error:

syntaxError: Invalid regular expression: /<!-- @[(?<component>[w+])[(*(?<classes>[w+])*)]*] -->/: Unmatched ')'

However, I don't understand where the unmatched ) is. As far as I can tell, all brackets that need to be escaped should be and all the ones that shouldn't are not.

Here is the string I am trying to match:

<!-- @[NoteBlock(warning)] -->

these should also match:

<!-- @[NoteBlock(warning, high-level)] -->

<!-- @[NoteBlock] -->

This should not match:

<!-- @[(warning, high-level)] -->

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My understanding is you can't capture inside an array of characters.


Is it possible you meant to escape your square brackets?

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