Why are class instance variables persisting across specs?

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I'm using class instance variables to keep track of @instances. When I run each spec individually, they pass. But when I run all of the together, there is unexpected behavior.

it "returns 1" do
  mock = Mock.new
  expect(Mock.count).to eq(1)

it "returns 2" do
  mock = Mock.new
  mock = Mock.new
  expect(Mock.count).to eq(2)

When I run either individually, all specs are green. But when I run both, the second spec returns a count of 3. So I see that Mock is somehow persisting across specs. I'm using plain ruby, no DB or rails or anything.

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That's what class instance variables do. They are state of the class itself, which normally persists through the lifetime of the app (or test suite run, in your case).

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I'm not sure if this might help you but you can try putting in test.rb:

Rails.application.configure do
  config.cache_classes = false

Clear your rails cache so the classes are not reused in different mocks. I didn't have time to test it but maybe it works. Consider that this is not very performant.

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