Why Ant Design for Angular has grid directives instead of just components

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 <div nz-row nzType="flex" nzJustify="center" nzAlign="top">
    <div nz-col nzSpan="4"><p class="height-100">col-4</p></div>
    <div nz-col nzSpan="4"><p class="height-50">col-4</p></div>
    <div nz-col nzSpan="4"><p class="height-120">col-4</p></div>
    <div nz-col nzSpan="4"><p class="height-80">col-4</p></div>

This code from Ant design component library is using nz-col as directive. Can somebody explain why it is used as directive instead of component? Any significance of using as directive?

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From reading the source code, it simply extends the component github.com/NG-ZORRO/ng-zorro-antd/blob/…

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If you have a look at the source code of NzColDirective, it extends the NzColComponent class.

NzColComponent essentially to have access to things like @Host Component, the @Host Directive, ElementRef etc, is relying on NzColDirective and is eventually taking it from there as NzColDirective essentially calls super in it's constructor and passes it all those properties.

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