While loop won't update variables with each repeat

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I'm trying to make a text game where with each pass, your decisions change your health, but it just isn't working. I'm not getting any errors, but the code isn't behaving

link to the code on repl.it

^ Is the code. Can anyone help me get the variables to update after each pass through the code so that when you choose an action, it updates for the next round?

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input returns a string ... so compare action=="1"

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You should convert the action from the user input into an integer if you want to compare it with other integers:

action = int(input("Shall you (1)haunt (2)steal (3)practice."))

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action is a string not an integer. Change your code to something like this:

if action == '1':
    spook -= 1
    health += 1

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You code takes input which is interpreted as a string. But when you test the values being supplied, you test them as integers.

1 != '1'

if action == '1':
    spook -= 1
    health += 1

  if action == '2':
    health -= 1
    candy += 1

  if action == '3':
    candy -= 1
    spook += 1

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