When and where to start with OOP learning Python? - learning ressources?

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Hi fellow coding apprentices and hello elders.

This is not a technical question but more of a general one. It's not my intention to start a debate about the pros and cons of Object Oriented Programming. I am looking for instructions (like a sensei would give) on how to incorporate OOP in a meaningful way in my routines.

Just some information about me so you have an idea who I am: My 'carreer' in coding started early (about 15 years ago as a kid) with Delphi then I forgot about it, tried C#, had Java at school and now I work in the IT (mostly Linux administration - webservers and such) where I can put some of my knowledge to good use when I write a script to make my work easier. (lately I am working on a pythonscript that helps me migrate hundreds of Vhosts from old Apache2.2 Servers to a new Webservers with a modern Apache 2.4 installation.)

I never got to a skill level where I would call myself a professional programmer.

Now things have changed a bit and I work more often with Python and I think I am getting the hang of it,

Now here's the thing: Everyone and their mother talks about object oriented programming (OOP) - you learn it in school - you learn it in a very theoretical way at the university and every online course/class/tutorial teaches OOP. But I never incorporated it in my little scripts since it always seemed to make things more complicated to me.

Don't get me wrong - I am absolutely sure the issue is with me and not with thousands of experienced programmers that work object oriented - but it never clicked.

Did some of you make the same experience when getting more profound in coding and could you give me a hint at what point I should make the transition to OOP and also where to start?

I know this is kind of a broad question but I try to be as precise as possible.

TLDR: I am getting better at programming with Python. I do tutorials and I am getting to know more functions every week. I have a feeling, that my programming can't get beyond a certain skillevel if I don't learn to use OOP, but me having no project that requires OOP I cannot imagine how I should go about learning it.

Thank you for your advice.

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This is the First result from Google I could find on the subject.

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