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I have a problem trying to upload a HTML table with R-studio. I m sharing the pic of the url with the data I want .table that I want

I try to get it in R by using usual commands as those commands

url is the url of the website that table is in. I don´t know whats the cause of failure, getting the hypothetical data as a NULL value :(.

Someone who knows how can I upload that chart?

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Sharing the link to the html table - instead of the image - could help to reproduce the error and test the solution.

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If you just want to import the table you can see, the fastest way seems to select and copy the table and import it using the clipboard:


It worked fine for me. It should be noted that read.table didn't work because of the "notes" column which is empty for most of columns.

Interestingly, the page you linked offers the data in a wide range of formats (including semicolon or tab separated value, for example) which can be more convenient than copy-pasting html.

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