Trying to set up my JDK, when I enter "echo %JAVA_HOME%" it shows my JDK location but doesn't allow me compile any code

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I've been to numerous sites and have made all the paths. When I type "echo %JAVA_HOME%" into the command, it shows the location as it's supposed to. But when I try and compile code it responds with "is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. I don't know much about how it's supposed to work and the internet doesn't seem to help.

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What is the command you use to compile your code?

What you see in JAVA_HOME when you echo it?

Setting JAVA_HOME doesn't make Java available from the command-line. You don't need to set JAVA_HOME at all, just to run javac and java from the command-line. You need to add C:\path\to\java\bin to the PATH instead.

What is the output if you 'echo %PATH%'?

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You need to configure your system path variable to your java's bin directory

For eg. my path variable is like:


OR you can do like


JAVA_HOME is variable which is used by other application like maven to refer JAVA home directory.

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