TamperMonkey: add element after content in a <td> without IDs

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To clarify, I wish to add a left facing arrow to the right side of a link that is inside of a <td> (or rather to all the <td> in that column). The arrow will later be used for an accordion dropdown menu.

First, what method can I use to insert <a class="accordion">&#9664;</a>? (pure JS if possible) And how can I have it place that on EVERY <td> that contains the barcode number but not cells that contain other links like shipIDs?


    <tr class="header">
      <th class="tablesorter-header">Shipment ID</th>
      <th class="tablesorter-header">Barcode</th>
      <th class="tablesorter-header"> More info</th>
      <td><a href="http://search.com/AAA/results?s=7546895555555">7546895555555</a></td>
      <td><a href="http://search.com/AAA/results?s=987654321">987654321</a></td>
      <td>more stuff</td>
      <td><a href="http://search.com/AAA/results?s=1234567222222">1234567222222</a></td>
      <td><a href="http://search.com/AAA/results?s=123456789">123456789</a></td>
      <td>other stuff</td>

in the JSFiddle is a stripped down version of what I'm working with. there are no IDs to work with and any classes used are also used on other elements that have links as well.

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