Splitting a column into multiple columns based on 2 conditions

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I have a large dataframe and I would like to split a column into many columns based on two conditions the caret character ^ and the letter following IMM-. Based on the data below Column 1 would be split into columns named IMM-A, IMM-B, IMM-C, and IMM-W. I tried the separate function but it only works if you specify the column names and because my data is not uniform I don't always know what the column names should be.

SampleId  Column1
1         IMM-A*010306+IMM-A*0209^IMM-B*6900+IMM-B*779999^IMM-C*1212+IMM-C*3333
2         IMM-A*010306+IMM-A*0209^IMM-C*6900+IMM-C*779999^IMM-W*1212+IMM-W*3333
3         IMM-B*010306+IMM-B*0209^IMM-C*6900+IMM-C*779999^IMM-W*1212+IMM-W*3333

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Can you show the expected output

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Here is one option using strsplit. We can try splitting on the following pattern:


Code sample:

x <- "IMM-A*010306+IMM-A*0209^IMM-B*6900+IMM-B*779999^IMM-C*1212+IMM-C*3333"
unlist(strsplit(x, "\\*\\d+[+^]?"))

[1] "IMM-A" "IMM-A" "IMM-B" "IMM-B" "IMM-C" "IMM-C"

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We may need

strsplit(df$Column1, "[*+^]")

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