Showing interstitial adMob ad when the user exits the app but not by intention

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Can one show an interstitial ad when the user clicks a button and if the user cancel the ad, he/she would be directed to a website. So, is the adMob's policy been broken: Interstitial ad should not be shown as the user exits the app.

Clearly here, the user was not intended to actually 'exit' the app, but it's a implicit feature of the app.

I researched a lot but there was no one similar to my problem, I even posted this problem on quora, Google's adMob sdk help forums and even in gmail help forums, but there were no replies.

Thank you for answering.

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Your question is not much clear to me but what I understand you are asking- Can we show Interstitial Ads on App exit? No, you cannot show ads on app exit as it violates Admob policy. For best to implement Admob Interstitial Ads check out my answer here:

If I am wrong in understanding your question then please provide detail implementation.

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