search by name in Array Staff is not show

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        public String searchByName(String tenNV) {
            String[] informationStaff = information.split("\t");
            if(informationStaff[0].equals(tenNV)) {
                result = " Có nhân viên tên: " + tenNV;
            }else {
                result = " Không có nhân viên tên: " + tenNV;
            return result;

        public static void main(String[] args) {
            NhanVien staff = new NhanVien();
            System.out.println("Nh?p tên nhân viên c?n tìm: ");
            String nameStaffNeedSearch = scanner.nextLine();
            String kQ = staff.searchByName(nameStaffNeedSearch);


i enter array(3) people + phone number. when i search name of people. it not run. error i don't know resolve.

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What is the error? Where do you declare result in searchByName?

Does this even compile? information.split?? Where did you define information?

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Kindly post more of your code, the error and what you expected.

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