Regex to match a string starting and ending with a pattern

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I am trying to write a regex. Condition is that it should not start or end with forward slash (/).

^[^/].*[^/]$ - This is the one I have been trying with. This fails if the string has only one character. How should I get this corrected?

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try ^[^\/]+$ this one

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Match the first character, then have an optional group that matches 0+ characters, followed by a non-slash character, followed by the end of the string:


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There's a far easier and simpler way to solve this than going with RegEx. So if you are willing, you could simply do:

char first = str.charAt(0); 
char last = str.charAt(str.length() - 1);
if(first != '/' && last != '/') {
  // str is valid.

Where str is the string to be checked.

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