React JS shwo Error on same page using ErrorBoundary Component

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We have implemented ErrorBoundary Component approach to support generic error handling for our website, and it is working perfectly fine but we want a Popup with Error Message on Same page, would it be possible ?

ErrorBoundary Component code is shown below :

import React from 'react';
import PhyndMenu from './menu/phyndMenu';
import { Dialog, DialogActionsBar } from '@progress/kendo-react-dialogs';

class ErrorBoundary extends React.Component {
  constructor(props) {
    this.state = {
      error: null,
      errorInfo: null
    this.toggleDialog = this.toggleDialog.bind(this);
  toggleDialog() {
        visible: !this.state.visible
  componentDidCatch(error, errorInfo) {
    // Catch errors in any child components and re-renders with an error message
      error: error,
      errorInfo: errorInfo

  render() {

    let routeHtml = '';
    routeHtml = 
        <footer className="footer">
        <div className="text-center">
            <div className="inlineBlock">© Copyright 2018 PHYND TECHNOLOGIES, INC. All rights reserved. Version 3.4</div>
            <nav className="inlineBlock">
                <a href="" target="_blank">Privacy Policy</a>|  
                <a href="" target="_blank">Terms and Conditions </a>
                |  <a href="">Support</a>

    if (this.state.error) {
      // Fallback UI if an error occurs
      return (
          <header className="NetworkMgmt-header">
            <PhyndMenu />
          {/* <div style={{minHeight:"1000px"}} >
            <h2>{"Oh-no! Something went wrong"}</h2>
          {routeHtml} */}
                <button className="k-button" onClick={this.toggleDialog}>Open Dialog</button>
                {this.state.visible && <Dialog title={"Please confirm"} onClose={this.toggleDialog}>
                    <p style={{ margin: "25px", textAlign: "center" }}>Are you sure you want to continue?</p>
                        <button className="k-button" onClick={this.toggleDialog}>No</button>
                        <button className="k-button" onClick={this.toggleDialog}>Yes</button>
    // component normally just renders children
    return this.props.children;

export default ErrorBoundary;

And this how we register our ErrorBoundary Component :

 <Provider store={store}>

                <NetworkMgmt />

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Sure! It looks like your "bubbling-up" the error message to your ErrorBoundary component.

Inside of the ErrorBoundary's render method, you can use a React Portal to render a div higher up in the DOM tree, style it as a modal, and absolutely position it over your web app.

There's an example of creating a modal inside of the React Portal documentation:

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