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here is my code:

my file which I start:

 from SQLhandler import SQLhandler 
 D = SQLhandler.loadProject(4711)

a part of my SQLhandler file:

class SQLhandler(object):
   db = pymysql.connect(... )

   def loadProject(self, project_id):
    #do some stuff

I want to use db in other functions, so I put it on the class level and added a "self" to loadProject. Now the second line in my start file throws an error:

"loadProject() missing 1 required positional argument: 'project_id'"

What's wrong with my code?

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self is the instance of SQLhandler that loadProject() is being called from. In your example, you are not creating an instance, so the first argument (which is expected to be self), is being assigned from 4711, and then there is no project_id. Perhaps you meant: D = SQLhandler().loadProject(4711).

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Within your class definition you need to have a def __init__(self, ... params): function that tells how to initialize a new instance. Try including something along the lines of

def __init__(self, project_id):
    self.project_id = project_id

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