Python: how to shorten a code to generate a pandas dataframe?

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I want to create a pandas dataframe df1 with specific column name from a column col of another dataframe df and do a merge with another dataframe df2.

    Name   House
0   John   London
1   John   London
2   John   London
3   Tom    New York
4   Tom    New York

     Col  Val
0    Tom    3
1    John   2
2    Alex   5
3    Sarah  2

This what I am doing

import pandas as pd
x = pd.unique(df['Name'])
x = pd.DataFrame(x)
x.columns = ['col']
df1 = pd.merge(x, df2, on = 'Col')

    Col  Val 
0   Tom    3
1   John   2

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You can pass column names as a named argument when creating the dataframe. This is in the docs. That's one line down, but really, I think this is kinda superfluous.


I think you want df2[df2.Col.isin(df.Name.unique())]

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Wouldn't this work?

import pandas as pd
x = pd.unique(df['col'])
x = pd.DataFrame(x, columns=['col'])
df1 = df.merge(x, on='col')

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