python: how can I make this code with regular expression?

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If I input "1995y 05m 05d", then I want to make a program that prints "950505"

more example: "1949y 05m 23d" --> "490523"

import re
Birthday = str(input("insert your birth<(ex) xxxxy **m 00d> : "))
p= re.sub('[ymd ]','',Birthday)
print(p) #result is "xxxx**00"

here is my code. How do I fix it? any solutions?

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Any reason to use a regex and not datetime.strptime which'll also end up validating you've got a valid date and not just a pattern that looks like it could be one etc... Then format that to %y%m%d ? (but a quick fix is to just ignore the first two characters...)

As every person older than 18 years should be able to tell you: don't process or store dates with a two digit year.

@KlausD. but it saves a whole two bytes of storage - what could possibly go wrong? :p

Also... what's supposed to happen if someone just enters "this doesn't match the format asked for" or "92834927349827492387492837237"? Or... almost the right format but wrong order... eg: "23d 1949y 05m" ?

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Your existing code prints the full year, where you want only two digits. Just skip the first two digits on print.


That will print p starting from position 2 (the third character, since lists are counted from 0), with no end to the range, so it prints the entire string except the first two characters (19 in your sample).

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>>> import re
>>> a = re.findall("\d+","1995y 05m 05d")
>>> a[0] = a[0][2:]
>>> output = ""
>>> for item in a:
    output += item

>>> int(output)

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