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i am trying to scrape the price from this page : url =

the price information is given in the span tag and I am not able to scrape it. the simple code which I am using for this is

from requests import get
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
response = get(url)
html_soup = BeautifulSoup(response.text, 'html.parser')
ProductPrice = html_soup.find('div',class_ = 'product_price_wrapper')

but this returns nothing, I think

 BEGIN RenoProdDetailPriceSnippet.jsp 

which appears just above the price div tab is causing the information to be protected.

I even tried doing it with selenium but was not successful. I tried many other combination to get the price but was not able to get the same.

So, I am looking for some ideas to solve this. Thanks

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You cannot scrape dynamically generated pages with requests. Use selenium or a similar web driver.

cur.execute("CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS book (id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY AUTOINCREMENT,title text,author text,year int,isbn int)"). Also it's a good practice to state what values you're inserting so cur.execute("INSERT INTO book (title, author, year, isbn) VALUES (?,?,?, ?)",(title,author,year,isbn))

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You cannot scrape the page because it requires the completion of a reCAPTCHA to access. This is specifically designed to stop bots.

If you examine html_soup you will find that you are actually searching the reCAPTCHA page, not the desired product page.

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First SQLLITE recommends that you not use auto increment as your primary, you should select fields that will define a unique record whenever possible. Second the data type you are passing in is “int” and requires the autoincrement keyword following primary key. Third you should avoid using * in your select statement. If you simply need a row number back you can query the fields you need and add in the standard field “rowid”.

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