Pushing data to object/array for later comparison

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I'm trying to store strings in a object/array for later comparison. I have no idea if my approach is correct.

The idea: I'll be using the data to compare if there's been changes in the HTML where the strings are from. If there are changes the script is gonna send a notification with information on what changes there is.

So I have a function that needs to push data into either an object or an array. I need to store the data for later use, where I need to compare if there's any changes. It's specifically a scheme of classes.

An example of what the object/array is gonna look after the data is injected:

    obj = 
      "mon": { 
              0:{date:date, info:info, class:class}
              1:{date:date, info:info, class:class}
              2:{date:date, info:info, class:class}
      "tue": {...},

And so on... So the object/array is gonna contain data for every class, for every day. I need to be able to compare the stored obj.mon.0 with the new obj.mon.0, as an example.

So my question is:
What's the best approach, in an object as above, or in a array?
How do I go about storing information in the object/array for every class, on every day?
And is this even the easiest approach for this context?

Thank you for your time.

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Array is probably the best to choose here.

and you can keep the date, info and class as object.

Please share your suggestions too.

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