Proper input method to take char string input in C

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How would I best take input in a program that asks the user to enter a student name separated by a space and then the student score, EX:

zach 85

Because of the null terminator, will there be two enters that i will have to account for? I'm already using two scanfs in my program.

int main()
   const int row = 5;
   const int col = 10;
   int i;
   char names[row][col];
   int scores[row];
   int total;

   // Read names and scores from standard input into names and scores array  
   // Assume that each line has a first name and a score separated by a space
   // Assume that there are five such lines in the input
   // 10 points

   for(int i = 0; i<row; i++)
       printf("Enter student name: \n");
       scanf("%s", &scores);
   // Print the names and scores
   // The print out should look the same as the input source
   // 10 points

   for(int i = 0; i<row; i++)
       printf( "%s %d \n", names[i]  /*, scores[i] */ );       

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first look scores and names are is defined as arrays so

   scanf("%s", &scores[i]);

second scores are int so "%d" instead of "%s"

   scanf("%d", &scores[i]);

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