preforming Segue, To View With Navigation Controller but don't see any header

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I'm pushing a view with a Seague to screen,

that view is linked with a navigation controller, but when i navigate to it, i don't see any header or any indication of the navigation controller

here is my storyboard enter image description here

and here is my Code:

 self?.performSegue(withIdentifier: "practicemod", sender: self)

and prepare function

override func prepare(for segue: UIStoryboardSegue, sender: Any?) {

        var vc = segue.destination as! PracticesView
        vc.practices = sdkPractices
        vc.consumer = sdkConsumer


what am i doing wrong ?

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The start point in your storyboard need to be Navigation Controller.


segue from select view to Navigation Controller to TableView Controller (PracticesView).

This should solve your problem

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