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I'm trying to make URL aliases in an angular 6 application. The problem is the following:
I have a URL in my angular app defined as article/:id, that maps to a component called ArticleViewComponent, but, the thing is I'm trying to make a different url where I can send the title of the article as the path for the article. For example, if I have an article called Article about angular with id 1, I want the URL to be /article/article-about-angularand still map it to the article with id 1 (because the id is what the API handles, not the title). Thanks in advance for your help, I know this seems impossible.

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You can have them both map to the same component using article/:id as you are already using. Instead of just being a numeric id, this will now contain either an article title or a numeric id. Then when fetching the article, simply handle it differently based on whether the id is a number or a string:

// Check if id is "not a number"
if(isNaN(id)) {
} else {

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