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I'm trying to write express middleware to check the validity of a JWT in the Authorization header. This seems quite easy but I don't want it to run on all routes (e.g. not on login/signup routers).

So, I'd like to specify in the router declaration that a route should require a valid token. E.g. something like this

const controllers = require('../controllers');

module.exports = (app) => {'/auth/signup',;'/auth/login',;

    app.get('/teams', controllers.teams.get, {requiresToken:true});


Except, .post and .get don't take a third parameter and the controller only takes (req,res,next) parameters so I can't really see a way of passing startic data for each route. I'm sure I'm missing something simple

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This is how i created a middleware to pass the data into

module.exports = function(options) {
   return function (req, res, next) {
        //write your code here
        // here you can access options variable

How you call that middleware is like this

app.use(middleware({'data' : 'Test'}));

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