Numpy: subscribing outermost dimension in multidimensional array

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I am working with multiple multidimensional arrays. Let us consider dummy example for simplicity:

 array_list=[np.ones(3), np.ones((3,3,3)), np.ones((3,3)), np.ones(3)]

I need to subscribe the outermost dimension of each array in the list. For example, my goal is to set some of the elements to zero according to a specified range in the outermost dimension:


In my real application I don't know how many arrays I have and how many dimensions are in there.

I would like to do the task in a for loop:

for array in array_list:

But I am struggling how to implement this if I don't know the dimensionality of each array.

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Use the Ellipsis to select all dimensions except the last (if there's only 1, nothing is selected).

for array in array_list:
    array[..., 0:2] = 0

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