Not able to understand the macro some one please help me

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I am not able to understand this code

#define sqt(x) x*x
int main(){

Manually I am getting the output of 10 But when write the code and compile it I am getting the answer as 7 so please explain me this

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How did you get 10?

7 is the correct answer. If the want the answer to be 16, add some parentheses. I have no idea how to get to 10.

@kingW3 Maybe he meant 0x10? :)

@LeeDanielCrocker Or maybe he thinks it will expand to 3*3+1 for some reason.

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Remember, since you're using a macro, 3 + 1 is not evaluated before sqt is called. x becomes 3 + 1 (not 4), then order of operation causes an unexpected answer to be produced since addition happens after multiplication. This means that:

sqt(3 + 1)

expands to:

3 + 1 * 3 + 1 // Multiplication happens first
3 + 3 + 1

This is a good example of why you shouldn't use macros unless they're strictly necessary, or you've made proper care to ensure that things like this can't happen. As @Barmar points out this particular case can be remedied by having the macro expand to include parenthesis:

#define sqt(x) ((x)*(x))

Which would cause the evaluation to differ and give a proper answer:

(3 + 1) * (3 + 1)
4 * 4

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