lombok annotation is not wokring in intellij

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It's seem lombok annotation is not working.

import lombok.Getter;
import lombok.RequiredArgsConstructor;


public class HelloResponseDto {
    private final String name;
    private final int amount;

and here is output

> Task :cleanTest UP-TO-DATE
> Task :compileJava FAILED
C:\Users\tahun\IdeaProjects\spring-tutorial\src\main\java\org\example\springboot\web\dto\HelloResponseDto.java:10: error: variable name not initialized in the default constructor
    private final String name;
C:\Users\tahun\IdeaProjects\spring-tutorial\src\main\java\org\example\springboot\web\dto\HelloResponseDto.java:11: error: variable amount not initialized in the default constructor
    private final int amount;

I'm working with Intellij so I also checked Settings > Compiler > Annotation Processors > Enable annotaion processing

and i also add compile('org.projectlombok:lombok') in my build.gradle

Is there any solutions?

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You need to install lombok plugin to Intellij. You can use following url to download.

Lombok Plugin

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Install the needed plugin for Lombok...

Lombok is not supported out of the box.

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You can add the lombok plugin - https://plugins.jetbrains.com/plugin/6317-lombok/

Go to Setting --> plugins and search for lombok and add the plugin.

Restart and check. IntelliJ should not report any error of lombok.

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