LINQ Max on nullable datatypes

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I have an entity as follows.


ID Name Rank  School
1  A           Lawrence
2  B      1    Lawrence
3  C      2    Lawrence

I need to fetch the details of student in a particular school(Lawrence) who has highest rank. In this example ID 2 is the desired output.

My linq query is:

var result = SchoolDetails.Where(x=>x.School == "Lawrence").Max(y=>y.Rank).SingleOrDefault();

I get a compliation message saying that "int? doesnt contain a definition for SingleOrDefault"

I cannot change the datatype of Rank column to make it non nullable since it is a production code. So, given this situation how can I fetch a record with highest rank?

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you don't need SingleOrDefault after using Max max returns the max int? and not a List

filter the null value before the .Max

@MohammadAli : I need to fetch the entire object .

@user1907849 you can do order by Rank descending and get first element

@user1907849 then you need to get first the Max value of Rank and use it as comparison in your filter. You can write the filter directly into the SingleOrDefault method

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Just filter the nulls before use Max

 var result = SchoolDetails.Where(x=>x.School == "Lawrence" && x.Rank != null).Max(y=>y.Rank);

Also as pointed out in the comments you don't need the FirstOrDefault as the query already return the complete object

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