Letting 2 pointer pointing to same address

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I have just started learning data structure and i was confused by pointer.

typedef struct{
    int* id;

I have created two book variables by malloc()

book* A;
A=(book*) malloc(sizeof(book)*2)
int bookid = 1234;

How can I make A[0].id and A[1].id pointing to book id to achieve that when I change one of it, another will change as well?

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Why do you want a pointer to the id? That just makes no sense to me. Better make the id member a non-pointer.

@Someprogrammerdude I think just for the sake of an example.

Messing up with pointers is really dangerous. Why shouldn't you use just "references" instead?

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You do

A[0].id = &bookid;


A[1].id = &bookid;

& sign gets the address of the variable.

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