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I want to return the message when I click the add button. Yes, indeed it show the message. But, in my case is have 3 image shown on the same page, so the problem is show the 'add to cart successfully' for the 3 image when I click the button.

Below is the controller file, but i think is done for here.

public function addItem($id){
  $pro = products::find($id);
  Cart::add(['id' => $pro->id, 'name' => $pro->pro_name,
  'qty' => 1, 'price' => $pro->pro_price,
'options' =>[
  'img' => $pro->pro_img
    return back()->with('status', 'add to cart successfully');

Should be need to make changes on the view file, below is the view file:

@foreach($data as $p)

              <article class="product-grid-item product-block">
                  <figure class="product-item-thumbnail">
                      <a href="{{url('/productsDetails')}}/{{$p->pro_name}}">
                                  src="{{asset('/img/')}}/{{$p->pro_img}}" alt=""
                                  width="400px" height="360px" />
                          <div class="product-item-mask">
                              <div class="product-item-actions">
                                  <button class="button button-secondary button-short">
                                      Quick View

                                  <a href="{{url('/cart/add')}}/{{$p->id}}" class="button add-cart-cat button--small card-figcaption-button">Add to Cart</a>

                  <div class="product-item-details">
                      {{--Add Cart Message--}}
                      @if (session('status'))
                          <div class="alert alert-success">
                              {{ session('status') }}
                      {{--End of Add Cart Message--}}
                      <div class="product-item-brand"><label><a href="#" alt="">{{$p->pro_name}}</a></label></div>

                      <h5 class="product-item-title">

                      <!-- snippet location product_rating -->
                      <div class="product-item-price" data-product-price="JPY1,650">

                              <div class="product-price-line" data-product-price-wrapper="without-tax">
                                  {{--<span class="price-rrp highlight">RM-</span>--}}
                                  <meta itemprop="price" content="1650">
                                  <meta itemprop="priceCurrency" content="">
                                  <meta itemprop="availability" content="">
                                  <meta itemprop="itemCondition" itemtype="" content="">
                                  <span class="price-value"> RM{{$p->pro_price}}</span>


The result display shown as below: It should be coming out for display 1 message per click and not all of the message showing out.

Image of the result

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From your $p in $data, can we get that item is in cart or not. If not, get that data in $p first and, then check before this code,

{{--Add Cart Message--}}
       @if (session('status'))
          <div class="alert alert-success">
          {{ session('status') }}

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