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On my local development server I have changed the default email templates, however, once I have pushed to the production server I notice that those changes don't push because the vendor folder is included in the gitignore file.

What is the best way to get my local changes moved to the production server? I have already published the files on the production server, but how would I access those files to make the changes?

Thank you!

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You can safely commit contents of the vendor directory inside resources/views. If no .gitignore is present in the resources/views directory, add one with the content !/vendor. This will unignore the vendor directory within this path.

Side note: I guess you have vendor/ written in the .gitignore of your projects root directory. This is a special syntax that will use inheritance across your project, meaning the vendor directory is not only ignored in the root directory, but also all sub directories. In theory, if you change the entry to /vendor, the other vendor directory within resources/views should be unignored automatically without an extra .gitignore. But be careful to not unignore other unwanted vendor directories...

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