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I just discovered the URI method on JAVA.

But I just want this method to show me a simplified path of a string of a string.

The problem is in the following code:

public static void main (String [] args) throws Exception {
    URI uri = new URI("/a/./b/../../c/");
    System.out.println("Path =" + uri.getPath());

When I execute the code it sends me the whole string and not "/ c", which is the result I'm waiting for.

Thanks in advance for your clarifications :)

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No, it's not necessarily. The code HKX is asking for will normalize the URI, not just return the last item in the path.

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According to the JavaDocs,

Normalization is the process of removing unnecessary "." and ".." segments from the path component of a hierarchical URI. Each "." segment is simply removed. A ".." segment is removed only if it is preceded by a non-".." segment. Normalization has no effect upon opaque URIs.

The normalize() method of the URI class should do what you want.

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