Java - NullPointerException when parsing JSON despite getOrDefault

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I'm trying to parse JSON and decided to use getOrDefault to deal with null values. According to the doc: Returns the value to which the specified key is mapped, or defaultValue if this map contains no mapping for the key.

However when it's parsing the following line from JSON - "theDate": null I'm getting a NullPointerException . While debugging I noticed that String dateFromJson is null despite the getOrDefault call. But I expected it to have a default String value.

What could be wrong with my implementation and understanding here?

public static Long parseDate(JSONObject jsonObj, String date, String default) throws
            java.text.ParseException {
        String dateFromJson = (String) jsonObj.getOrDefault(date, default);
        if (Objects.equals(dateFromJson, default)) {
                return System.currentTimeMillis();        
    return DATE_FORMAT.parse(dateFromJson).getTime();

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and what is the value of default?

How can you be sure String default is not null? It seems to be the case if json contains null value for "theDate"

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Isn't default a keyword in Java? And so shouldn't be used as a variable name?

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