Is there an efficient function to calculate a product?

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I'm looking for a numpy function (or a function from any other package) that would efficiently evaluate


with $\overrightarrow{f}$ being a vector valued function of a vector valued input $\overrightarrow{x_i}$. The product is taken to be a simple component-wise multiplication.

It would be equivalent to something like this:

import numpy as np

x = np.random.rand(100,10)

def f(x):
    return np.sin(x)

prod = x[0].copy()
for xx in x[1:]:
    prod *= f(xx)

To be sure: I'm not looking for equivalent code, but for a single, highly optimized function. Is there such a thing?

Actually, something simpler may do as well. I'm fine with any function that would be equivalent to:

prod = f(0)
for x in range(1:100)
    prod *= f(x)

with f still a vector valued function.

For those familiar with Mathematica: It would be the equivalent to Product.

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You can't just do, x))?

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Numpy ufuncs all have a reduce method. np.multiply is a ufunc. So it's a one-liner:


Where f is the vector of values you compute in what is hopefully an equally efficient manner.

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