is Security free in Elastic search Stack Features?

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we are building an opensource application which needs elasticsearch security feature. i am trying to find if the security feature is free for elastic search. elastic search website says Xpack is open now. Not sure if it is really opensource.

Could someone please share your experience?

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This blog post explained some of the reasons why Elastic "opened" their XPack code. "Open" here simply means that they merged their private XPack repositories into the open ones. One of the reasons that the blog post above doesn't mention is that this move was mostly motivated to facilitate tedious engineering tasks of having to keep all their product versions in synch. Anyway, the XPack code is now out in the open and visible for anyone to see, but it's not free as in "free beer".

As shown on the Elastic subscriptions page (see the red rectangle in the image below), XPack Security is only available starting with a Gold license.

Elastic Subscriptions

Another alternative is to use their Elastic Cloud which provides Security out of the box and allows you to pay a lower amount on a monthly basis.

If the price burden is too heavy for you, you might want to check out SearchGuard which is an alternative Security plugin for ES, which provides a free Community tier for basic security features.

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