in c there are %s %d /n and what others?

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I started learning C! Not C++ or C Sharp,but the normal,original C. When i was learning,I saw that i can use theese special symbols when dealing with my imputs and outputs. Some examples of theese are %s,%d,/n and a whole lot of ohers! This seemed really cool that i can use theese special signs with the percents and slashes to boost my code. But my main question is,For a new C Programmer,what else are there besides %s,%d,/n,etc. Is there a list that i can learn from? What are theese special things called?

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Format Specifiers (the chart is on the page). Except the last one, \n is an escape sequence.

Learning how to access documentation for functions is an essential skill. man pages, cppreference, etc.

@WhozCraig yea,I saw the link. Although you clarified there called Format Specifiers and Escape Sequence,and you sent a link,that dosent really explain anything but the names,can you explain more in debt,and/or give names or some useful ones and how to use them

You asked (a) what they were called, and (b) if there was some list and where you could find out more about them. All of that is in the two links provided. Usage is also covered there. Follow the links. The latter is especially well covered in nearly any modern book on C, which you should be using to learn this stuff.

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I think what you are looking for is here:

Scroll down to "Type Field". You could also read though the man page for printf. Just go to any unix system command line and type: man 3 printf

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