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I am having some issues downloading live stock data into python. A ton of the APIs out there don't seem to work no more (when I say live, anything with less than 15 min delay is fine)

I tried:

yahoo finance pandas datareader quandl (does not have live data I believe)

The one that worked is: fix_yahoo_finance But that one does not have live data (only open and close data) and I cannot get the name of the ticker.

Any suggestions?

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live data are usually paid subscriptions. just google it, you should be able to find them.

I originally assumed you had an extra space in your title and had a farming application in mind.

@MadPhysicist, haha, I thought that too. Crazy English!

Take a look at quantopian. You're tied to their platform, but the data is nice. I've played with it before, but am in no way affiliated with it.

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Here is a reference: You can understand how to use API calls and so on.

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