I'm trying to add a tooltip to an a tag in my code but it throws an error :Cannot create property 'position' on string

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function apply_glossary(arr) {

  var res_string = document.querySelector(".show-content").innerHTML;

  arr.forEach(function(e) {

    var tooltip_string = "<a style= 'border-bottom: 2px dotted black; color:inherit; text-decoration:none;' data-toggle='tooltip' data-placement='top'  href='#' id='tooltip-link' data-tooltip='" + e.content + "'>" + e.key + "</a>";

    res_string = replaceAll(res_string, e.key, tooltip_string);

  document.querySelector(".show-content").innerHTML = res_string;



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Do you have any HTML to show us properly?

It is just a string with HTML. I dont know what function replaceAll do but you must append that HTML to proper place for ex. with jQuery $(parent).append(res_str)

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You can't adjust innerHTML by naming it a variable, that gets it. Change this line:

    var res_string = document.querySelector(".show-content").innerHTML;

To this:

    var res_string = document.querySelector(".show-content");

And this line:

res_string = replaceAll(res_string, e.key, tooltip_string);

With this:

res_string.innerHTML = replaceAll(res_string, e.key, tooltip_string);

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