hyperlink text not visble on webpage but link is there

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I am not sure why my text for the link is not visible on the page but, when I take my mouse to the area where I was expecting a link text then I am able to click that blank area" and able to download correct file!

Here is the code structure:

   some heading/styling link etc.
   some code related to creating dropdown and populating it (form used)
   if submit button is clicked then bunch of variables are populated and        
   user receives an email with result file. Ideally, I would like to be able 
   to display a result file link inside this php code.However, I don't know 
   if php allows to create a hyperlink. So, I was testing to create a link 
   outside php code. The php code does some python query.
   exec("/path/to/python script that does query $var1 $var2 $var3 2>&1", 
<a href="/<?php echo $output[8] ?>"Link to query result</a>

So, the text "Link to query result" is nowhere visible but the link exists. What is happening here?


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Anchor's opening tag misses '>'


<a href="/<?php echo $output[8] ?>"Link to query result</a>


<a href="/<?php echo $output[8] ?>">Link to query result</a>

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