How to write entity framework query and Linq query on c#?

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Hi, I have this table. I want to write this query in my controller.

select sum(Amount) from tbl_Amounts where fk_Roleid=2

which shows result of 800 in sql. I don't know how to write it in both EF and Linq. If someone could kindly show me the way to write in both ways would be really helpfull.

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You can use Database.SqlQuery<TResult> in EF to execute raw SQL queries like that. Which MVC & EF version you're using?

EF Version= and Visual studio version 2012.

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This should basically be the Linq syntax for your request.

Linq is some "internal framework" of .NET / C#, and you use Entity framework.

There is no real meaning in separating the two, in my opinion.

This is the "Linq to SQL" syntax I would use on the "DataContext" that you cretate with EF :

    .Where(a => a.fk_Roleid = 2)

If you have a collection of record called Amounts, this would be the "linq to objects" version :

    .Where(a => a.fk_Roleid = 2)

As you can see, there is no real difference ! (excepted that, under the hood, the first one on an EF Data Context will be converted to a SQL db request)

But it could actually depends on your Entity Framework version (not all linq features are correctly translated to SQL)

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There are 2 ways to execute SQL query in EF:

1) Using LINQ

using (var db = new DataContext())
    int amount = (from am in db.tbl_Amounts where am.fk_Roleid == 2 select am.amount).Sum();

2) Using Database.SqlQuery<T>()

using (var db = new DataContext())
    string query = "select sum(Amount) from tbl_Amounts where fk_Roleid=2";
    int amount = db.Database.SqlQuery<int>(query).Single(); // or First()

Note that if you're using EF Core, Database.SqlQuery<T> doesn't exist and you should use Execute raw SQL query in EF Core.

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