How to view the source code of Java classes in Eclipse without ctrl+click?

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How can I view the source code of an any Java class in Eclipse without using the combination Ctrl + Left Mouse Click at the already declared class field in the new java project?

For example, if I only need to view the sources of FileInputStream class, I need to create new java project, create new class, declare new class field FileInputStream fis;, import* and only then I can press Ctrl + Left Mouse Click at the field FileInputStream. Is there any shorter way to reach the same result without creating the new java project?

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There is a shortcut Ctrl+Shift+T (on macOS: Cmd+Shift+T; menu: Navigation > Open Type...) to search for all types that is in your classpath, check the details here

Nice thing about it is that you can search with first letters of each word in uppercase, for example to find FileInputStream, you can use FIS. I love doing so =)

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