How to use Java Optional to elegantly replace Ternary operators

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A super simple question:

Here's my plain Java code using traditional ternary operator ?

public DateTime getCreatedAt() {
    return !recordA.isPresent() ? recordB.get().getCreatedAt() : recordA.get().getCreatedAt();

My best bet is following:

public DateTime getCreatedAt() {
        record -> record.getCreatedAt())

This could compile, but looks like it's not behaving correctly. It always executes both branches, i.g. when recordA isPresent(), it still executes recordB.get().getCreatedAt() which throws me

java.util.NoSuchElementException: No value present

Any is appreciated! Basically, I'd like to replace the traditional ternary option with more advanced Optional/lamda features. THANKS!

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.orElseGet(() -> recordB.get().getCreatedAt()); ?

You need orElseGet. You can also use two optionals and or().

Is recordB Optional too?

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To avoid eagerly evaluating else-branches, use orElseGet, which takes an instance of the functional interface Supplier:

    record -> record.getCreatedAt())
    .orElseGet(() -> recordB.get().getCreatedAt());

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