How to search for value in a sequence in Python?

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I am very new to coding so please bear with me. Basically I am writing a program that will ask for either a last name or id number, then search a .csv file for the word and return the entire column to which it belongs. Below is what I have written if the user opts to search by the id.

method = input("Search by invoice id (id) or customer last name (lname)?: ")
    data = "data.csv"
    dataFile = open(data, "r")
    dataRows = dataFile.readlines()

if method == "id":
    term = input("Enter the id: ")
    for line in dataRows:
        row = line.strip()
        newRow = row.split('\n')
        if term == newRow[0]:
            print("No matches found.")

This is the csv file: Here is a photo of the csv file.

This is how it prints out after readlines():

['invoice id,first name,last name,part number,quantity,total']

Since invoice ID is the first column, I thought it would be found by using if term ==newRow[0], but that's not working. Any tips? Thanks so much.

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you should use the csv module when handling CSVs. all of the row splitting and other operations are taken care of for you

@RoadRunner i added it, thank you!

If the data is comma separated, shouldn't it be: newRow = row.split(',')?

@aydow unfortunately our teacher hasn't taught us that, but good idea!

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If you don't want to use the csv module for this problem, then you should split your string on ",", not on "\n":

newRow = row.split(",")

This way, the first element of newRow will be the invoice id.

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