How to replace certain characters of a string

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  • I have a string @B1AdGODG7:Devrath%Dev\u00B6
  • I want to replace \u00B6 with ¶

I tried with

String comments="@B1AdGODG7:Devrath%Dev\u00B6";
  • Output: @B1AdGODG7:Devrath%Dev\u00B6

  • Required Output: @B1AdGODG7:Devrath%Dev¶

  • ReplaceAll is not working
  • How to make the required output


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When I try this on my machine it prints @B1AdGODG7:Devrath%Dev¶

Wrap the String in Html.fromHtml() and it'll parse for you. If it doesn't display properly, you don't have a supporting font.

Your code work for me

@GBlodgett and E. Betanzos .... Please check the snapshot I attached in debug mode

Your code works for me too

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I get below example from . I think it is work for u

public static StringBuffer removeUTFCharacters(String data){
Pattern p = Pattern.compile("\\\\u(\\p{XDigit}{4})");
Matcher m = p.matcher(data);
StringBuffer buf = new StringBuffer(data.length());
while (m.find()) {
String ch = String.valueOf((char) Integer.parseInt(, 16));
m.appendReplacement(buf, Matcher.quoteReplacement(ch));
return buf;

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\u00B6 is a single character, with the Unicode code point of 0xB6; writing \u00B6 is literally the same as writing ¶.

So, you need to escape the backslash: \\. Furthermore, backslashes are special in regular expressions, which replaceAll uses, so you need to escape it again -- and that escape needs to be escaped: replaceAll("\\\\u00B6", "¶").

You could also use Pattern.quote for that second level of escaping (the one for the regex): replaceAll(Pattern.quote("\\u00B6"), "¶").

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instead of using replaceAll() use replace() it will work fine.

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