How to remove an item in list once used from a large list in python to save the memory?

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If i have large list which runs in millions of items, i want to iterate through each of them. Once i use the item it will never be used again, so how do i delete the item from the list once used? What is the best approach? I know numpy is fast and efficient but want to know how it can be done using normal list.

mylst = [item1, item2,............millions of items]
for each_item in mylist:
    #use the item
    #delete the item to free that memory

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The entire list will be garbage collected after you are done and you are not using the list after that, why do you need to remove items individually?

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You cannot delete an object directly in Python - an object's memory is automatically reclaimed, by garbage collection, when it's no longer possible to reference the object. So long as an object is in a list, it may be referenced again later (via the list).

So you need to destroy the list too. For example, like so:

while mylst:
    each_item = mylst.pop()  # removes an object from the end of the list
    # use the item

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