How to rebase from parent branch?

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Below is the current scenario of branch X & Y in Git:

   A - B [origin/master]
      C - D - G - H [origin/X]
            E - F [Y]


developer1 is working on branch X


am working on branch Y.

X is parent branch of Y.

Currently branch Y is pointing remotely to origin/Y

I want to include changes of origin/X in branch Y before working further on branch Y. So, I would like to see, something like:

A - B [origin/master]
      C - D - G - H [origin/X]
                    E1 - F1 [Y]

1) What are the git commands for rebasing my branch Y?

2) What does this command(git branch -u origin/X Y) do?

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It's simple:

git checkout Y
git rebase origin/X

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