How to pass arguments to SPIM CLI?

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How do I pass arguments to a MIPS program using SPIM?

I know that we can do

spim -file myfile.s arg_inp_file.bin

But this loads the argument and starts executing right away.

How can I achieve the same, using the interactive mode, like after I add a few breakpoints etc.?

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The man page ( doesn't mention any breakpoint options. It just simulates, and isn't a debugger. Unless the CLI you're using has more options (maybe try spim --help or man spim), it looks like you'll have to use the GUI to get a debugger.

Your first sentence is asking passing args to the program being simulated, rather than to the simulator. That's a completely different thing.

You do that with spin -file foo.s arg1 arg2, like you're already doing.

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