How to parse JavaScript array literal from HTML without using eval

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I am trying to accept JavaScript array literals in an html text input.

The problem is that html text inputs are captured as text, such that an input of ['name', 'who', 1] becomes "['name', 'who', 1]".

The way I worked around the problem is by using eval in the code below:


<form class="form">   
    <legend>Enter array to parse</legend>      
    <input class="input" type="text">      
    <input class="btn" type="submit" value="parse">  
  <p class="out"> 


const form = document.querySelector('.form'); 
const inputField = document.querySelector('.input');
const btnParse= document.querySelector('.btn'); 
const out = document.querySelector('.out');  

form.addEventListener('submit', (e)=> {   

  try {    
    parsed = eval(inputField.value);

    if(Array.isArray(parsed)) {       
      out.textContent = JSON.stringify(parsed);
    } else throw new Error('invalid: input is  not a valid array' );
  } catch(err) {
    out.textContent = err.message;

What alternative way is there to converting JavaScript array literal html text inputs into JS array objects without using eval?

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Replace single quotes with doubles in the string and it then becomes valid json

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