How to make a php function working inside an echo?

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I tried adding HTML inside a PHP echo, and it works.

But the echo is not working if with a PHP function,

The original code:

if( ! function_exists("rframework_cart_button") ){
    function rtframework_cart_button(){

        $show_cart = get_theme_mod( RT_THEMESLUG.'_top_shortcut_buttons_cart' ) ? true : false ;

        if( ! class_exists('Woocommerce') || ! $show_cart ){

        global $woocommerce;

        echo '<li class="cart"><a href="#" class="cart-menu-button"><span class="icon-shopping-bag"><sub class="number empty">'. $woocommerce->cart->cart_contents_count .'</sub></span></a></li>'."\n";


The PHP code I want to put inside or after the echo is:

<li class="heart"><a href="#" class="heart-button"><span class="icon-new-heart-1"><sub class="number empty">0</sub></span></a></li>

Can anyone help?

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Maybe your question is not clear but can you not add another echo after the first with your HTML string or even after your function call, eg rtframework_cart_button(); echo '<li...';

YES, I also tried another echo under the echo, it works if is HTML, but not working if with PHP function, that's why I need help.

Please edit your question and explain what you mean with examples.

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echo is like constructor display the string,So if you add any php function in echo it would be treated as string.

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with echo, you need to change all the double quotes inside the html stuff to single quotes and keep double quotes outside. Try this:

  echo "<li class='cart'><a href='#' class='cart-menu-button'><span class='icon-shopping-bag'><sub class='number empty'>{ $woocommerce->cart->cart_contents_count }</sub></span></a></li>'.'\n";

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