How to have Maven build dependency from local Maven project instead of download?

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I am working on 2 Java maven projects A and B, and A depends on B. Both projects are github repositories which I have cloned on my local machine.

I made some changes to B and want to test it out with project A now.

When I run the tests in project A, how do I tell Maven to use my local copy of B rather than download a jar file of B from the internet?

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There are few possible ways:

  1. Switch to offline mode with mvn -o. That way you will be only using local repository.

  2. Build and install new version of B which is only available in local repository e.g. 1.0.1-SNAPSHOT. The update A pom.xml to use this new version.

Check out Introduction to Repositories docs to understand what are repositories and how they work.

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