How to get rid of undefined index in this situation

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I have this code:

if($_GET['s']=="page1" || $_GET['s']=="page2" || $_GET['s']=="page3") {

and I get this error: : Undefined index: s in

Which I can dismiss only by adding this line:


but then this wont execute the code correctly since $_GET['s'] is not supposed to have any initial value. How do I fix this other than disabling the notices and errors?

Thank you.

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Use isset() or isset() to verify if the parameter s is present in the query string before using $_GET['s'].

@FrozenFire in_array() searches for values in array, it doesn't care about its keys. Read about PHP arrays.

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You can check your $_GET['s']

if(isset($_GET['s'])) {
  // your code goes here...

isset() is used to check if the index exists.

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