how to extract an entire column from a table in excel based on the header name that match the text in a cell outside the table

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I would like excel to bring, from a specific table, all the rows of a column that has the same header name as a particular cell outside of this table. If cell A1 = Name of a header in table X, then, excel returns all rows in the column of this header.

the table is on a different sheet in the same workbook. The table has about 200 columns and 2000 rows.

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Use Match() to find the column header location, then INDEX() to return the matched column.

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Enter the formula with Ctrl + Shift + Enter:



INDEX(range,...): is the range where to return value (return range)

ROW()-1: is the row we want to return from our return range, and -1 for header.

MATCH(1,--($A$1:$C$1=$E$1),0): is the column where we can find your search value and $E$1 is the cell with the drop-down list

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